Father’s Day treasure hunt

We had such a fantastic turn-out for our Father’s Day treasure hunt last week and it was so lovely to see so many men in the nursery garden!


A total of 48 dads came along and did a great job at helping their children find all the hidden sports pictures in our garden.  The children made cakes and biscuits for their dads to enjoy each day and we had lots of sports activities set up for everyone to try afterwards – football, golf, beanbag throwing and an obstacle course.  Here are a few photos of what we got up to:

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When 6 little ducklings came to stay…..

A couple of weeks ago six very ordinary eggs were delivered to Mulberry Corner, housed inside a little incubator.  From the moment they arrived, the children took great interest in the eggs, watching them rocking and vibrating.  We only had to wait one day before the first duckling pecked his way out of his egg.  Over the course of 24 hours, all 6 ducklings broke out of their eggs and into the big wide world.  The children were fascinated watching the little ducklings emerge.

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If you go down to the woods today…..

Our forest school programme at Mulberry Corner is proving exceptionally popular.  We are so lucky to have teamed up with Kindling Forest School and are able to offer all our preschool children the opportunity of attending forest school sessions in our nearby woods.

I am always amazed at the activities that the children get involved with in the forest.  Last week we learnt all about the edible leaves of Jack by the Hedge (also known as Garlic Mustard).  The children picked some of these leaves, cut them up, crushed them into a paste and then mixed them with butter to make garlic butter.  They then spread this butter onto bread which they had toasted over a campfire (which they had also helped to build) to make garlic bread for their snack!  







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Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Week

We had a lovely week last week sharing afternoon tea with lots of very special Mummies.  The children worked really hard preparing sandwiches, scones and cakes all week for their Mummies to enjoy every day at our very special afternoon tea events.  We had an amazing 50 Mums come in to share tea time with their child throughout the week and everyone seemed to have a lovely time.  Here are a few photos of what we got up to:

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