Our Philosophy

“Play makes a major contribution in helping children manage their thoughts, ideas, feelings, relationships and physical selves”.  Friedrich Froebel, inventor of the kindergarten, 1782-1852.

The emphasis at Mulberry Corner is on learning through play.  Our play based curriculum meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which was introduced by the government in 2012. Our aim is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to develop in all areas of learning in a well managed and happy environment with challenging but realistic tasks.  The children in our care are given opportunities daily to understand nature, to engage in musical movement, group singing and story-telling and are encouraged to use their problem solving skills as well as their creativity and imagination.

The staff at the nursery seek to establish affectionate relationships with all the children, making them feel secure, loved and appreciated.  We observe each child in their play and from this we are able to tune into their unique personalities.  Over time we aim to take each child from the known and can do into the less known, in ways that are right for that child.