Julia Kenna

(NVQ3 Trainee) 

Julia joined Mulberry Corner in August 2016 and is loving her first full time job! Julia is full of enthusiasm and has a lovely calm and caring manner with the children. Julia is looking forward to completing her training at Mulberry Corner.

Our Staff

Denise Barry


Denise (P.P.A Diploma) As the joint owner of the nursery, Denise works very closely with the nursery managers and despite reaching retirement age, still works on site on a regular basis. Denise decided to open Mulberry Corner in 1992. Having moved to the area with no family support she was aware of how important the provision of quality childcare is to enable parents to successfully return to work. With limited options available at that time, Denise decided to set up her own nursery. Mulberry Corner was the first day care nursery to open in the Test Valley Borough and it has grown in both size and reputation over the years. Childcare and looking after children has always been Denise's passion and she continues to work with the same enthusiasm today as she did at the beginning of her career.

Emma Sadler


IMG_20150910_095405 (Early Years Teacher) Emma is Denise’s eldest daughter and joint owner of the nursery. Emma decided to return to Hampshire to join Mulberry Corner in 2015, having previously had a career as a solicitor in London. As a mother of two young children, Emma has an innate understanding of the needs of working parents and has been involved with the nursery since its opening in 1992. She was even responsible for planting the mulberry tree in the garden at the nursery’s first birthday party, whilst dressed as Mickey Mouse! Emma is very excited about bringing her ideas to the business and working closely with both parents and staff to ensure that Mulberry Corner is a warm and stimulating environment that children will look forward to coming to each day.

Sabrina Rees


sabrina-rees(NNEB Diploma and NVQ4 in Management) Sabrina joined Mulberry Corner in February 1998 as a nursery nurse and is now deputy manager of our nursery, where she oversees all aspects of staff and children within the main nursery.  Sabrina has had experience in the nursery as a supervisor and has also helped out in the preschool.  She is ideally suited to the running of the nursery due to her patience and caring nature and ability to lead her team in a fair and fun way.  Sabrina is well experienced and extremely passionate about providing the best possible care for children.  She also has two boys of her own.

Gemma Botto


Gemma (BTEC trained) Gemma came to Mulberry Corner in June 2001.  Gemma has had plenty of experience working in both sides of the nursery, including her roles as main nursery supervisor and preschool manager.  Gemma has recently returned to our main nursery as a senior nursery nurse after the birth of her second child, Austin.  Gemma is an enthusiastic and dynamic member of our team and she has an excellent knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and child development in general.  Gemma is also fully trained in safeguarding children.  Gemma led the team during our most recent outstanding Ofsted inspection.  Gemma also has a daughter, Bella.  

Sarah Lewis


(NVQ3 trained) P8116864 Sarah joined Mulberry Corner in September 2015, having previously worked in a dedicated preschool unit.   Sarah has recently completed an honours degree in Psychology and is currently studying towards her Early Years Teacher Status, which she hopes to complete by July 2018.  Sarah has a quiet, calm nature and has been praised by Ofsted for her planned activities.  Sarah has excellent knowledge of child development and the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Sarah is fully SENCO trained and enjoys working closely with children and their families to ensure they are receiving any additional support they may need.

Becca Chessell


Becca (NVQ3 Trained) Becca joined Mulberry Corner in 2014 and has experience working with both our nursery and preschool children.  Becca is a kind and fun member of the team, and always builds up extremely close relationships with her key children and their families.  Becca is really looking forward to her new position as joint supervisor of our main nursery.

Hayley Shorthouse


Hayley-Shorthouse (NVQ3 Trained) Hayley joined Mulberry Corner in 2007 and became supervisor of our preschool in 2017.   Hayley took a short career break in 2012 to work with children in Greece, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Hayley returned to Mulberry Corner full of passion and continues to be a fun and active member of staff. Hayley has experience with both our nursery and preschool children, as well as children with special needs, having previously worked for The Autistic Society.

Ellis Nichols


(NVQ3 trained and currently undertaking a Foundation Degree in Early Years Care and Education) Ellis joined Mulberry Corner in May 2016 from a special needs school in Southampton and also has had experience in an Early Years Centre as a learning support assistant. Ellis is suited to the preschool as she has a wide knowledge and interest in child development. Ellis is a confident and knowledgeable member of staff and prepares lovely adult led activities for the children.

Kat Matthews


NVQ3 and SENCO trained Kat joined Mulberry Corner in August 2006 and became supervisor of our main nursery in 2011. Kat returned to Mulberry Corner in January 2018 on a part time basis as a senior nursery nurse after the birth of her first child, Bobbi. Kat is fully SENCO trained and always ensures the children in her care are meeting their full potential. She is experienced with liaising with outside agencies to provide consistent care and attends many training courses to ensure her knowledge is up to date. Kat is a friendly and bubbly member of the team with lots of energy and a lovely caring nature.  

Lauren Nunn


Lauren (CACHE level 3 trained) Lauren joined Mulberry Corner in April 2005 as a nursery nurse and became deputy supervisor of the nursery before leaving to have her first child.  Lauren has worked in both our main nursery and our preschool and now works within the nursery on a part time basis as a senior nursery nurse. Lauren is a very calm member of staff and is constantly coming up with new ideas for activities. Lauren is extremely artistic and enjoys creating exciting displays around the nursery for the children to look at.  Lauren has two children of her own, Connor and Mia.

Katie Frampton


Katie (NNEB Diploma) Katie is one of our longest standing members of staff, having been with us since 1998.  Katie has an excellent knowledge of child development. Due to the length of time she has worked with us, Katie has built up lovely relationships with both families and agencies in the area.

Danielle Jones


Danielle (CACHE level 3 trained) Danielle joined us in October 2010 and currently works in our preschool.  Danielle has a wide knowledge of child development and plans lovely activities for the children based on their needs and interests. She enjoys imaginary play with the children, as well as singing activities.

Janine Tyson


(BA Hons Early Years)  Janine joined our nursery team in January 2017, having previously worked for another local nursery chain for over 10 years. Janine has brought lots of new ideas and experience to our nursery team and has a lovely caring and calm manner with the children.  Janine is currently studying towards her Early Years Teacher Status, which she hopes to complete by July 2018.

Michelle Harrison


michelle (CACHE level 3 trained) Michelle came to Mulberry Corner in 2008. Michelle has worked in both the nursery and the preschool, but is very much suited to our nursery setting due to her extremely compassionate and caring nature. Michelle works very hard settling her key children and builds lovely relationships with our children and their families.

Laura Judge


(NVQ3 Trained)  P8116851 Laura joined Mulberry Corner in August 2015, fulfilling a long held ambition to change her career to work with children.  Laura joined as an apprentice and completed her training while working at Mulberry Corner.  Laura is really enjoying working in the busy environment of a nursery.  Laura has a very kind and caring nature and is a very fun member of staff.

Chloe Dunkley


(CACHE level 3 trained)  Chloe joined our preschool team in October 2016, straight from her role as Unit Leader in a summer camp in Massachusetts with Camp America. Chloe loves books (and writes her own blog on this subject) and also loves to bake. Chloe is a very bubbly, confident member of our team and is really enjoying getting to know all our preschoolers.

Holly Guyer


(BA Hons Primary Teacher Education)  Holly is a primary school teacher whose passion lies in Early Years. Holly is an enthusiastic and fun member of the preschool team who is enjoying learning more about preschool life and applying what she has learnt during her degree.

Izzie Pilling


(Double A Level - Health & Social Care)  Izzie joined our team in April 2017, having previously worked as supervisor of a local afterschool club. Izzie is currently working in our main nursery with our little ones, but hopes to return to our preschool in January, bringing her own set of keychildren with her. Izzie has a natural caring and fun way with the children and is looking forward to completing her childcare diploma soon.

Julia Kenna


(NVQ3 Trainee)  Julia joined Mulberry Corner in August 2016 and is loving her first full time job! Julia is full of enthusiasm and has a lovely calm and caring manner with the children. Julia is looking forward to completing her training at Mulberry Corner.