What to Bring to Nursery

What to Bring to Nursery

After deciding on the right nursery for you and your family, confirming the booking pattern and arranging the settling in sessions, your little one's first day at nursery has arrived! 

We often get asked if there's anything you need to pack for your child and what they will need with them while at nursery. Luckily, our fees are inclusive of everything the children need during the day, apart from personal items and clothing. 

We therefore ask that you pack the following:

Spare Clothes 

We recommend that you pack 3 x changes of clothes, including socks, underwear, trousers/shorts, long sleeve/short sleeve tops and jumpers. Your child's day will be full of fun and adventures, exploring all sorts of materials and this does result in some mess!

If your child is toilet training we may ask for a few extra spares!

Seasonal Clothing

We are outstide in all weathers so seasonal clothing is super important! That means wellington boots, puddlesuit/waterproof clothing, weather appropriate coat, hats, gloves and maybe an extra pair of socks in the wetter/colder months! For the warmer months a spare sun hat that provides good cover is great to have in the bag. 

Transitional Object

Any object that your child uses for comfort will be highly beneficial during the settling in process. Some children may have a teddy or a dummy. Some may not have any comfort object at home, however would find a muslin or a parent's t-shirt very comforting during the settling in process.

All other items are provided by Mulberry Corner including:

o   Nappies

o   Wipes

o   Formula

o   Sudocrem

o   Suncream

o   All Meals

o   All Snacks

If you've got any further questions, we're here to help! Just speak to us or drop us an email:

Zoe - Mulberry Corner Nursery Manager [email protected]


Posted on 10th February 2024

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